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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on additional products, current promotions and custom options.
 Rental Items & Service
   Rental Items (see charts below)
   For all custom services, appointments must be made.
   Consultations are free.
Dove Release
Two Doves ( in self- release box) $150.00
Two Doves (with a professional handler) $200.00      
 Additional birds (up to 25 for flock release) call for pricing
 Butterfly Release
  50 Butterflies (mass release)  $200.00
  50 Butterflies (individual boxes)  $250.00
  larger release numbers available, call  for pricing
Decor Rental Item Pricing
itemsdescriptionspriceunitcenterpiecesstarting at:10.00eachglasswarestarting at:2.00-20.00eachcandle abrasstarting at:15.00-25.00eachcake jewelryper set15.00-30.00eachcake stands14" round or square25.00eachcake stands18" round or square35.00eacharchesstarting at:35.00-50.00eachcolumnsstarting at:15.00-50.00paireaselsstarting at:5.00  each  chuppawhite sheer w/ glass beads100.00 eachround gazebo black wrought iron350.00 eachwindow box backdrop white wood100.00 each
Catering Item Rental Pricing
itemsdescriptionspriceunitchampagne fountain5 gallon35.00eachchocolate fountainchocolate not included15.00eachcharger platessilver, gold. red, black2.00eachchaffersstarting at:10.00-50.00eachcoffee makers12 cup auto dispense10.00eachice moldsswan, fish, bride & groom5.00 each
Party Item Rental Pricing
itemsdescriptionspriceunitbar w/ coverblack or white50.00eachserpentine barblack or white75.00eachtiki bar 
75.00eachtiki torchesoil not included1.00eachpoker table w/ 8 chairs75.00eachpoker accessories 
15.00setpopcorn cart 
35.00  each fiesta cart for tacos & fajitas 15.00 each bounce house small-6 kids max 100.00 eachinflatableluau arch45.00 eachinflatablepooh or tigger25.00 eachbubble machinebubbles included15.00 eachfoutons & table setfor tailgates/ camping150.00 set
Accessory Rental Pricing
itemsdescriptionpriceunitenvelope boxeswhite or ivory10.00eachring pillows 
5.00eachflower girl bskts. 
5.00eachcake cutter /server 
5.00settoasting flutes 
10.00setaisle runnersstarting at:25.00-200.00 each
Linen Rental Pricing
All  Designer Linens are Custom Ordered.
(Prices listed are for basic polyester linens only-3 days notice is required)
(these items are available through our sub-vendors and are not in-stock)
ItemsDescriptionsPricingUnitChaircovers w/ sashpoly4.00eachtable cloths90" round8.00eachtablecloths108" round10.00eachtablecloths120" round12.00eachtablecloths132"14.00eachbuffett tablecloths60 x 12010.00eachbuffett tablecloths90 x 13214.00eachbuffett tablecloths90 x 15616.00eachskirting w/ top & clips8 foot section20.00each skirting w/ top & clips14 foot section25.00eachskirting w/ top & clips21 foot section30.00eachoverlays satin 9.50eachoverlaysorganza 8.50eachnapkinscotton / poly.50eachnapkinssatin2.00each
Chairs & Table Rental Pricing
(these items are available through our sub-vendors and are not in-stock)
itemsdescriptionpriceunitchivari chairs w/ padwhite / black / goldsilver / clear7.00-10.00eachchivari bar stools w/ padwhite / black / goldsilver / clear9.00-12.00eachbanquet chairs 
3.50eachplastic folding chairsblack / brown1.00eachplastic folding chairswhite1.50eachbar stoolsblack metal padded seat8.00eachfolding chairswooden- white2.50eachfolding chairswooden- natural / black2.75eachfolding chairswooden-mahogany3.50  eachfolding chairsresin-white/black/natural3.00eachbar tables30" rd. center  pole adjustable height10.00eachserpentine tables 
8.00eachbanquet tables8' x 30"7.00eachbanquet tables6' x 30"6.50eachround tables48"- seats 67.00eachround tables60"- seats 88.00eachround tables72"- seats 1012.50each
Misc. Item Rental Pricing
(these items are available through our sub-vendors and are not in-stock)
itemsdescriptionpriceunittentsframe & polecall for pricingeachstaging / pipe & drape 
call for pricingeachdance floorsparquet & colorscall for pricingeachlarge inflatables & games 
call for pricingeachheaters / ac / fans 
call for pricingeachaudio / video / screens 
call for pricingeachlighting 
call for pricingeachcatering items/ glassware 
call for pricingeachgrills/ smokers, etc. 
call for pricingeach
Prices listed are for "self-pick up & installation." Local delivery & pick up is also available
for an additional charge. All weekend rentals are billed as one day.
Sub-rented items are subject to the terms, restrictions & pricing of each vendor.
Additional deposits or charges may apply.